Maryland Deserves More From Our Leaders


I'm not interested in being a "career" politician. I've already had two careers. What I want is our government to work hard and to work well. After many years on the sidelines, I’ve decided that it's time for me to become a part of the change.

Maryland's 3rd District is broken and fragmented. For 70 years, we've been ruled by "career" politicians, but I believe it is time for the citizen-legislator to stand up in our political communities once again.

Join the movement as we focus on creating Maryland jobs, reviving an economy that supports the middle class, and centering our healthcare system on the patient.

Meet Mark



For decades, the port of Baltimore supplied tens of thousands of union and nonunion jobs to the hard working people of our state. It's time to bring back those good paying jobs to the 3rd district.

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With 30+ yrs of experience as an ER doc, I have learned that we need a health system that emphasizes patient choice, competition and innovation while protecting the high-risk patients with pre-existing conditions. 

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National Security

I served two tours in Iraq and know how important it is that we wisely employ the might of our military, relying firstly on diplomacy and economic force whenever possible. The lives of our courageous military must never be taken for granted.

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I fell in love with Maryland while sailing on the Chesapeake Bay. I believe it is essential to achieve the kind of balance that provides for a vibrant economy while preserving and enhancing our priceless natural resources.

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